A design studio for interior and architecture in Southern Spain

The practice was established in 2013 by Belgian designer Kurt Descheemaeker and his partner Carine Beltrami during their stay of three years in Tarifa , a small coastal village in the province of Cádiz. more


During that period Sunset Concepts realized in this region various projects and objects with its own design and style.

Meanwhile the design office in Belgium was completely analyzed to be active again from 2017 with the name 'Interieur-Architectuur Kurt Descheemaeker'.

Currently Sunset Concepts is a spin-off of the design studio in Belgium. The office collaborates with local Spanish architects and mainly designs private residences in Tarifa, Sotogrande and Marbella.

Have a look, get inspired by what we have done in the past and think ahead for possible future projects! Feel free to contact us.

Sunset Concepts design philosophy stands for functionality and distinguishing signature details.

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C/Los Helechos 36
11380 Tarifa / Cádiz, Spain